Up to 53% off Fat Melters Lipo-Ex belly slimming or skin tightening treatments!

Up to 53% off Fat Melters Lipo-Ex belly slimming or skin tightening treatments!

Fat Loss & Body Transformation Clinic
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Make your dream body a reality!

We are Springfield's best kept secret! Your friend or neighbor that mysteriously lost weight and slimmed overnight.... Yes thats us! Shhh..Come on in we can get you there as well!

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Introducing...The first and only Lipo-Ex Clinic in the state of Missouri!

Welcome to the Fat Loss & Body Transformation Clinic. We specialize in permanent fat loss, cellulite  reduction,  facial/body sculpting, weight reduction, and skin tightening, using Lipo-ex technology.

Doors open first of April, call now and set an appointment for free consultation 417-882-MELT, take advantage of our  low introductory price, while its available!

Lipo-Ex is the next generation technology that offers an effective non-surgical, no downtime and painless treatment for  cellulite and body contouring.  Lipo-Ex is a simple technique using bi-polar radio frequency to increase the bodys core  temperature to dissolve fat cells without affecting any other structures in the body.  Lipo-Ex feels like a hot stone  massage while it coutours, shapes and slims the body.  Many patients actually fall asleep during the treatment.   Lipo-Ex is the first technology to ever melt the unhealthy and dangerous visceral fat located behind the muscle wall. Lipo-Ex can go as deep as 4in and target the stubborn fat that we cannot get rid of through diet and exercise.  CT  scans, body circumference and weight measurements confirm that Lipo-Ex offers a reduction of 2-3 inches and up to  10lbs, in just 6-8 weekly treatments. Many clients see dramtaic results!

Lipo-Ex® Breaks the Liposuction Barrier
-Lipo-Ex® expands surgical capabilities with its ability to help you reduce the dangerous visceral fat (shown by CT Scans) untreatable with liposuction.
-Lipo-Ex® is a great assist to correcting the lumpy, bumpy appearance and scar tissue often left by liposuction

Lipo-Ex® Breaks the Results Barrier

-2½ to 6 inches lost in a single circumference measurement in less then 8 weeks.
-CT scans show between 16 to 25.1 in.2 total of visceral and subcutaneous fat loss in 5 treatments.

Lipo-Ex® Breaks the Depth of Penetration Barrier

-With penetration depths up to 20 times deeper than any other non-surgical technology,
-Lipo-Ex® is perfect for reducing subcutaneous and visceral fat, tightening skin and getting rid of cellulite.

Lipo-Ex® Breaks the Pain Barrier

-Other fat reduction technologies heat the skin and fat at a rapid rate, making treatments more painful. Lipo-Ex®  eliminates the pain factor and improves results by using a gradual and uniform volumetric  heating that leaves you  completely comfortable.

Lipo-Ex® FAQ’s

Lipo-Ex® is a painless, non-surgical fat removal technique that uses bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy to heat up  tissue and melt away the fat beneath the skin. The tissues are gently warmed and massaged and heated slowly and  gradually, at a low temperature. The melted fat is removed by the body's lymphatic system through natural processes of elimination. This non-invasive procedure is designed to safely increase your body’s core temperature just enough to dissolve fat cells without affecting any other structures in your body. It is done with no downtime and no recovery time.

How Does Lipo-Ex® Work?

Lipo-Ex® uses bi-polar radio frequency (RF), which results in an electric field that allows heating of tissue to be  delivered at controlled temperatures into the treatment area.  The Lipo-Ex® apparatus uses 2 electrodes. One  electrode is a grounding plate with a negative charge. The other electrode, having a positive charge, is manipulated by  the practitioner over the treatment area. The opposing charges are met in the middle below the surface of the skin  where the fat is located. When the two opposing charges encounter water in the fat, it slows down (encounters  resistance). This heats up the water, which causes the fat to melt. The melted fat is then flushed away naturally by the  lymphatic system.

The Lipo-Ex® Procedure:
-Burns Fat
-Tightens skin
-Stimulates Collagen Production
-Reduces Cellulite

Lipo-Ex® is able to reach the kind of visceral fat around the organs that cause serious health problems. This is all done without any pain or discomfort. At the start of a treatment session, the electrode is massaged on the treatment area. This causes the surrounding lymph nodes to be gently warmed. As the process is continued, the deeper subcutaneous tissue is gradually warmed until it reaches a temperature where the fat is melted. This is all done without damaging the surface tissue.

Lipo-Ex® Advantages:
-It addresses the dangerous visceral body fat.
-It contributes to a thinner, more toned appearance.
-The risks and down time of surgical procedures like liposuction are avoided.
-No painful needle injections, inflammation or prolonged recovery time.
-Reduces the dimpled effect of cellulite.
-It is an effective treatment for reducing stretch marks.
-Promotes the tightening of sagging skin in problem areas of the body.

Am I a Candidate?
Lipo-Ex® only targets specific kinds of fat. It can be effective for fat areas of the body that that is hard to get rid of. It can also be effective for tightening loose, sagging skin or wrinkles or for reducing cellulite.

The most common areas of treatment are:
-Under the eyes
-Under the chin
-On the face
-Bra bulges
-Love handles
-The abdomen
-Buttox and thighs

How Many Treatments are Required?
Most patients obtain the results they desire within 8-10 treatment Sessions. This varies, however, based on the size and area being treated. Each treatment takes between 1-2 hours.

Expected Results from Lipo-Ex®:
Patients can expect to lose 2-3 inches in circumference and up to 10 lbs. of weight loss in 10 sessions. Current study results showed an average reduction of between 16 to 25 sq. inches of subcutaneous and visceral fat after 5 treatments. Improvements will last up to 5 years if you watch your diet and exercise. Although the results are not the same as liposuction, it can treat the trouble spots that can't seem to be done by other means and there is no downtime.

Our patient, motivating staff will help you get the results you want!

Other Services Available:
Body Area Esthetics
Face & Eyes - Tightening & Fat All types of facials
Face & Eyes - Skin Tightening Machine facials
Face & Neck & Double Chin Microdermabrasions
Face & Neck & Double Chin Cellulite treatments
Double Chin only Glycolic Face/Body treatments
Eyes only Advanced peels: gly, tea, jessner, advanced acne
Arms - Skin Tightening Advanced hyperpigmentation
Arms - Tightening & Fat Reduction Waxing
Full Abdomen - Fat Reduction Beautifying body treatments
Lower Abdomen Small Pooch Ear candling
Bra Fat Eyelash/ brow tinting
Love Handles Makeup
Love Handles & Bra Fat Infrared Sauna (burns 600 calories in 30min)
plus many more benefits
Spray tan/ airbrush
Full body microdermabrasions and peels

Fat Reduction per side
Back of thighs
Back of thighs & Buttocks
Back of thighs & Saddlebags
Back of thighs & Saddlebags & Buttocks
Front of thighs
Front of thighs & Saddlebags
Inner Thighs
Outer Thighs


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